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Small project with big plans ahead

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Nekos Invasion

Nekos are a collection of 200 unique randomly generated cats with proof of ownership stored on the Solana network.
With a goal of building a large cat community, kindest community in the NFT verse.
Each neko is unique with features such as head wear, eyes, clothes and more.

This project has three main goals which are: being fully transparent, building a great community and raising money for some cats! This is why we will be as transparent as possible and take all of our communities feedback seriously.



We really don't want to over-promise and under-deliver, therefore we will listen to our community in order to decide what the community wallet funds will be used for as we develop and move forward. No game.

Drop day

The 200 NFTs were available for ◎0.22 on the Solana network on the 29th October 2021.

Twitter Events

Various twitter events to be hosted between Neko NFT holders with special prizes for the winners. Prizes including Nekos, merch, solana and more...

Community Driven Wallet

Community wallet will be set up with 45% of the total sales on which Neko holders will be able to decide the future. Be it to long term hodl or to use for abused neko retrieval to send them back to their planet. (...or burn?)

DAO Discord Integration

We have a DAO discord integration already in place. With plans to extend it's website functionality with unique features no other project offers. The DAO will dictate and vote on the future of the community wallet, charity donations and the overall future of the project.


  • 15% - Cat sanctuaries, rescues and charities.
  • 45% - Neko Community Wallet to be used for what the community decides. (DAO)
  • 15% - Neko Rescue Wallet for rescuing abused nekos by their, as the nekos call them paper-peasants (that sometimes do apparently occur) and returning those cats to their planet.
  • 25% - To the team for further work on the project, employing new staff etc.

Royalty fee will be set at 6.9%.
40% of that going to the Neko Rescue Wallet, 30% to the Neko Community Wallet and 30% to the team.


We are still researching the sanctuaries, rescues and charities we could donate to and will make a final vote in our community discord.
Currently we have the following sanctuaries in mind, between which the donation would be split equally.

If you have any suggestions, just let us know!


The Team